Are you trying to find a Luthier to repair your favorite Kay Double Bass, Ampeg Baby Bass, American Standard or
Engelhardt Upright Bass ?

We repair double bass upright basses in Chicago.  We fix your contra bass, ampeg electric bass as well as kay, american standard and epiphone basses in our chicago repair shop.
Repairing your Double Bass and Electric Upright Basses in Chicago
American Standard • Kay • Hofner • Ampeg • Epiphone • Engelhardt Carved German


Repairs for old upright double bass, broken contra bass and damaged double bass instruemnts.  Laminated and solid upright bass repairs are our specialty.

Double Bass Repairs in Chicago

I can repair your double bass and get you back on stage in no time

I've been repairing guitars and basses for over 25 years.  I am a bass player and I understand the nuances of upright bass construction, balance and tone.  I really enjoy working on Upright Basses.  I typically prefer to see instruments in person however due to their size it's probably easiest to initially discuss your upright bass repair over the phone before bringing it into the shop.  Once I understand the nature of your double bass repair I can provide an estimate and and arrange a convenient time for you to drop off your bass for repairs.  I repair carved and laminated basses and also do bow reconstruction and repair.   I should also mention I work on vintage electric and acoustic guitars and basses as well.

If you live in Chicagoland please contact me for more information on our upright bass repairs.
I'm generally available Mondays and Wednesdays through Saturdays Noon to 5.

            Email:  Ben@doublebassbuyer.com

            Phone:  773-878-8617 and ask for Ben



Live in Chicago ?   We Repair Vintage and Used Double Bass Upright Bass Instruments in All Conditions

Kay Contra Bass • Ampeg Electric Upright Bass • Engelhardt Upright Bass
American Standard String Bass  • American Built Bass Laminate Bass