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about double bass buyer

About Double Bass Buyer


I'm a Chicago Luthier who has built, played and repaired a wide range Double Basses.   I appreciate Upright Bass beauty, construction and great bass tone.   My shop buys vintage instruments including American built laminate double basses and upright electric basses.  Please see my "How to sell us your Bass" and "What We Buy" pages for more information on what we are looking for and how we can buy your bass.

Our shop is called Rock N Roll Vintage Inc., an established retail guitar and stringed instrument shop located at 4740 N. Lincoln in Chicago.  We buy vintage electric and acoustic guitars, amps and stringed instruments throughout the U.S.  We are known for offering fair prices and being easy to work.  Due to shipping costs and the size of double basses we only buy, sell and repair  doublebasses locally. We also buy collections and estates.  If you're in Chicago and considering selling your American Double Bass or even your Electric Bass don't hesitate to give us a shout at 773-878-8617 or send email to ben@doublebassbuyer.com.

We also have a complete repair shop if your American Laminate double bass needs repairs.  Please see our repairs page for more details. 




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