Looking for a nice Kay, Hofner or American Standard Upright Bass ? How about an Ampeg Electric Baby Bass ?

We buy upright double basses from american standard, kay bass, hofner, ampeg electric upright, epiphone basses and german flat back and carved basses and fiddle basses.
We Sell Vintage and Used Upright Basses and Electric Baby Basses in Chicago
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We buy old upright double bass, broken contra bass and damaged double bass instruemnts.  Selling your double bass ?  Please contact us for top dollar and a smooth transaction selling your string bass.

Current Double Bass Upright Basses & Ampeg Electric Baby Basses for Sale

Here are our current Upright Basses our shop has for sale. 
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carl wilhelm lederer double bass upright bass for sale
1930's Carl Wilhelm Lederer Upright Bass, Solid
spruce top and flame maple sides and back (Available).
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Buy a used Upright Bass in Chicago  We Sell Vintage and Used Double Bass Upright Bass Instruments in All Conditions

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