Selling your old upright double bass ?  We want to buy your upright double Bass - Browse this site for details.

We buy your old double bass, upright bass, contra bass and bass violin.  We pay top dollar to buy your bass.
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Selling your large bass violin ?  Give us a shout, we buy vintage and used double basses incluidng kay basses, hofner bases, epiphone upright basses, american standard upright basses and flat back and carved back german upright basses.

How To Sell Us Your Double Bass


If you live in or near Chicago and want to sell your vintage or used American made Upright Double Bass or Electric Bass you've come to the right place.  We buy vintage American made laminate double bass upright and electric basses and pay top dollar.  If you're selling a vintage double bass give us a shout for a quote.  We make selling your bass easy !   We prefer laminate basses from Kay, Engelhardt and American Standard as well as upright electric basses from Ampeg and Epiphone.  If we're interested in buying your bass we will offer you a fair price and provide a smooth transaction.

Here's what we need to do to see if we are interested in your bass ....

1) First we will need a little background info on your bass. You can give us a call or drop us an email and describe your bass. We would like to know the brand, if it has a bow, the general condition and if has any visible damage and your asking price.  You can call us at 773-878-8616 and ask the shop for Ben or send an email to ben@doublebassbuyer.com .   Please note we are only interested in American made laminate (plywood) basses and we can only buy local basses.

2) If we're interested we will generally ask you for a little history on how you acquired the bass, if you've changed anything or if you've had the bass repaired. We will also ask you to send (preferably by email) a couple of photos as well.  Please take photos of:

            A) The front of the bass
            B) The back of the bass
            C) The neck
            D) The serial Number if available

3) If we agree on a price you will be required to bring it by our Chicago store however please call first to make sure I am going to be in when you expect to arrive.

Need to sell an estate with vintage basses or guitars ? We buy electric and acoustic stringed instruments and often buy musical instrument collections and estates.

Thanks for considering selling your Bass to Doublebassbuyer.




Selling Your Upright Bass ?  We Buy Double Bass Upright Basses in All Conditions in Chicago

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