Live in Chicago and selling your old
upright double bass ? 
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We buy upright double basses.  Selling an upright bass , we are buying  american laminate double basses - kay basses and engelhardt plywood bass
We Buy American made Laminate Basses • Double Bass • Upright Bass
American Standard • Kay • Engelhardt• Ampeg • Epiphone • American Laminate Basses


We buy old upright double bass, broken contra bass and damaged double bass instruemnts.  Selling your double bass ?  Please contact us for top dollar and a smooth transaction selling your string bass.

Live in Chicago and love Double Basses ?

We Repair and Buy Kay, Engelhardt and American made Laminate Upright Double Basses in Chicago

Asking yourself "How can I sell my American made Upright Double Bass or Where can I get my bass repaired in Chicago ?  If you're considering selling your Double Bass Please give us a call.  We pay top dollar for American basses and offer easy transactions.

Welcome to the DoubleBassBuyer.com.  We buy, sell and repair American made plywood laminate double basses also known as an upright bass.  I'm a Luthier  and musician working in a vintage guitar shop and I love buying, selling and repairing vintage double basses.  I appreciate the fine craftsmanship, charm and unique tone a double bass offers.  If you live in Chicagoland and you're selling your Kay, Engelhardt or other American made laminate Double Bass please contact me about buying it.  I am looking for popular American brands in all conditions.  I particularly like Kay, American Standard and Engelhardt as well as Ampeg Epiphone Upright Electrics.  Please note I do not buy German flat back and carved back basses and you will need to bring your bass into my shop.  Have a look around our site for information on how we can buy your American built upright bass. 

If you need repairs on your laminate upright bass and live in Chicago please give me a shout to discuss your needs.  I have repaired countless American laminate basses and have even built basses from scratch and would be happy to assess your bass.

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            Email:  Ben@doublebassbuyer.com

            Phone: 773-878-8617



Selling Your Vintage Upright Bass ?  We Buy Vintage and Used Double Bass Upright Bass Instruments in Chicago

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